Shawls & Wraps

Trumpet Gloria

Part of an interactive DIY series “How to Design Your Own Garter Tab Top Down Triangular One Skein Shawl”

Nana’s Cottage

This shawl is inspired by vintage afghan throws that all our mothers and grandmothers seemed to have during those far off golden tinged days.

I Believe

I believe in, advocate for, support and love, someone with Autism

Silent Soft Slow

Silent, Soft, Slow is unbelievably light and warm shawl, worked from the bottom edge up in easy lace and stockinette sections alternating in big short row wedges.

Gramma’s Hug

This shawl was born out of grief. Conceived and knit within 48 hours, it truly opened my eyes to knitting as therapy.


Amongst the shales and shores of Georgian Bay, in quiet times around dusk, you just may spot a Great Blue or Grey Heron, fishing for it’s dinner in the shallow waters. They are peaceful birds, on long, graceful legs good for wading.

Rainbows! In Space!

This rainbow is stretchy and very warm! Can be used as a large wrap, shawl, lap blanket, etc.

Highland Travel Shawl

Whether dreaming of highland misty crags or out for an autumn stroll, wrap up in this generous shawl.

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