TNBT Ep 02: “O Canada!” (I’m a Habitual Yarn Sniffer)


TNBT Ep 02: “O Canada!” (I’m a Habitual Yarn Sniffer) – SHOW NOTES

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  • Happy Canada Day!
  • Hair, “The Waiting for Chantelle Hair Challenge”

Tea Mood & Treats



  • Bannock by Bristol Ivy – un-modded would have used 5 balls for 40” bust, with hood mod it took about 5 1/2 balls Patons Classic Wool Worsted (100% wool), “Salmon Heather”
  • note errata; pages 3 & 4 under “ALL sizes resume” should read 28 st repeat, round 5 of “Yoke Chart A” 4th stitch should be a m1p

In My Queue aka What I would be knitting if I had the time

  • Radiate by Nim Teasdale
  • Linientreu by Ute Nawratil KALs
  • Good Game – A Summer Sock KAL, July 1 – September 5, GG socks pattern * play on Ravelry, post pics in thread of wips and fos, tag project pages with #goodgamesummerkal * play on Instagram, post pics of wips and fos tagged with #goodgamesummerkal * will be prizes * July 1st (12:01am EST – 11:59pm EST), pattern will be free on Ravelry with coupon code GGCanada * show me lots of progress pics, let me know what yarn you’ve chosen * check out other current KALs to get more chances of winning (be sure to check each KALs specific rules, they could differ); Two Tangled Skeins Canada KAL/CAL 2016 – at the bottom of the first post there is a list of several Canadian Podcasters who are participating and you can enter in each of their “branches” of the KAL, I’m not even presuming to take part cause yeah… I’m a n00b wannabe sorta kinda baby podcaster

Designer’s Corner

Yarn Review
* Georgian Bay Bayfield Aran (100% untreated Blue Faced Leicester), $22 CAD, 115g (4oz) / 183m (200yds), “Windermere Hollyberry”.…

Yarn Therapy/Enabling aka Show & Tell

Cool Stuff

  • Lakeside Yarn Crawl, June 18 – September 5,
  • Purl3, LYS in Orillia (The Sunshine City), Ontario, Canada,
  • Yarn Indulgences, Zed Luxe Sock (70% superwash merino, 20% cashmere, 10% nylon), “Lakeside”,
  • Fibre Share, * I received a parcel from Laura in Alberta and holy alpacas, thank you for such an incredible package and for doing an awesome stalking job on my IG account * I’m sending to a lady nearby (about 45 minutes away from me), so I’m spoiling her rotten ;-p
  • Wool Felted and Embroidered mittens, a garage sale find by my parents
  • We went to the PacMall! “North America’s Largest Chinese Mall”! * Had an amazing meal at Axia Cafe (satellite location), – can not recommend the Hong Kong Tea and Stone Pot Bibimbap enough, omg I’m drooling thinking about all the food! * I always like to try something new, so hit one of the snack shops, got matcha kitkat, plum candy and Japanese style confetti candy

Ask Me Anything

  • Danelover – Where do you find your inspiration for patterns, stitches involved and do you have a favourite source for stitch patterns?
  • Fishdancing – Reading a lot right now on Ontario cuts to Autism funding… Is this affecting your boys in school?
  • Yarning4asmile – Next episode!
  • BayviewPaula – Next episode!


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